Stimulating interest for prospects and future career growth in the ICT/ BPO Sector: 100% Challenge Project


One of the major recommendations of the Labour Shortage report for the ICT/BPO sector was to embark on a national communication programme highlighting the career opportunities in the sector. It is in this context that the Sectoral Committee for the ICT sector recommended to launch this project with a view to raise awareness on the spectrum of occupations existing in the ICT/BPO sector, potential career opportunities and qualifications and skills required to take up ICT-related jobs and climb the career ladder. The nomenclature of job profiles for the ICT Sector that was developed by the industry was used as the main tool to showcase the success stories.

The main objectives of the 100% challenge programme were to:

  • create awareness and sensitise the population for a change in mindset  and attitude for the ICT/BPO sector
  • correct the perception about career opportunities and growth in the ICT/BPO sector
  • boost interested among the population to join the sector
  • increase visibility of the ICT/BPO sector nationally, regionally and internationally

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Status: Completed.

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