Let’s Talk Careers Series


One of the functions of the HRDC is to ‘establish linkages between the education, the training systems and the workplace’. The HRDC is undertaking a study to assess the career aspirations of final year university students. It is important to provide university students with opportunities to fill gaps in their understanding and to also inform and inspire them about their prospective careers. The findings of the study will form the basis of the Let’s Talk Careers Series. Let’s Talk Careers Series will be an evidence-based interface between sectoral representatives from the private sector and final year university students, to bridge the information space between university and the world of work. Another benefit of this proposed project is that it will make the economic community become more involved in the work of universities, thus fostering employer engagement. It is established that there is a link between employer engagement and employment prospects of graduates.


  •   To disseminate the findings of the study on the perceptions and aspirations of students; 
  • To interact with students and present them real career perspectives and requirements from different industrial spheres; 
  • To fill gaps in the understanding of students and also inform them about potential careers; and 
  • To clarify any misconceptions that they may have in terms of career aspirations, requirements, expectations, and rewards, among others.

Status : Completed


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