Let’s Talk HR Series


The role of HRD Councils worldwide has been to act as a unifying force for achieving performance excellence through people by serving as a catalyst and an innovator, fostering communication and collaboration with and among stakeholders in human resource development and providing expert leadership in performance improvement and evaluation.

One of the functions of the HRDC as stipulated in its act is to “promote knowledge management and benchmarking at enterprise and national levels with a view to improving the effectiveness of human resource development”. The Council is also responsible to provide a forum for constant dialogue and consensus building among stakeholders on all matters relating to human resource development.

It is in the same vein that the HRDC regularly assembles the HR community to share best practices in HR. It a dynamic learning platform which aims to bring HR professionals together to help them learn, share, network and shape in order that they may add value to the HRD field to the advantage of all.


  •  To foster cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives that have been successfully implemented in organisations ; 
  • To provide a platform for reflection, sharing of experiences and analysis of practices pertaining to HR;
  • To promote networking with peers; and 
  • To promote HRDC projects.

Status: Completed.


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