Assessing, proposing and setting up of an Integrated Career Counselling System



Labour markets globally are highly dynamic which calls for more flexibility. One of the cornerstones to increasing labour market flexibility is to increase labour market information. There is need for people to be better informed about the current and future labour market to make career decisions over their life spans.

Choosing realistic and meaningful career(s) can be a very daunting task especially in a competitive job market which potentially offers an array of opportunities. Moreover, as the whole aim of development is about helping people realise their potential, increase their choices in order to have a better quality of life, it is vital to provide information to people about the ecosystem within which they make career choices at various stages of their life. In this light, there is a need to widen access to career guidance, career orientation, career information and career management services while delivering them in a far more reachable, flexible and cost-effective manner using among others ICT-enabled instruments.


  •  To assess the current situation in terms of career guidance, counseling and management; 
  • To propose recommendations to improve/reorganise career counseling service provision for all individuals at different periods of their life span, by complementing, wiring and upgrading existing services and proposing new and flexible ones in light of the Mauritian context; 
  • To propose recommendations to set-up a web portal for collecting and disseminating career information; and 
  • To set-up a web portal for collecting and disseminating career information.

Status: Completed


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