International HRD Conference


The HRD Conference invited contributions and participation from practitioners, policy makers, researchers and academics on themes surrounding HRD at country and enterprise levels. It provided an intensive and interactive forum for showcasing and presenting HR strategies that had been implemented to contribute towards enabling countries and organizations weather the vagaries of the socio-economic system.

Attending this conference has allowed participants to widen their horizons in emerging issues in the field of HRD which are of paramount value in triggering innovation and sharpening productivity at the macro and micro levels.


  •  To provide a forum whereby national and international HRD experts and industry leaders shared their experiences and success stories which could be used as input towards human resource development policies at national level; 
  • To bring in regional and international perspectives and practices on various aspects of HRD which would contribute towards addressing HR issues to facilitate the sustaining pace in the continuing march towards sustainable growth; 
  • To strengthen the HRD movement in the country by drawing the attention of chief executives of different organisations in both private and public sectors to HRD philosophy and processes and their benefits; and 
  • To provide a platform for networking among local and international business experts, HRD practitioners, industry leaders and policy makers.

Status: Completed.


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