In-House Training - Communiqué to employers

The HRDC is hereby informing employers that henceforth, they are allowed to submit their G1 Application for In-House training within five (5) working days prior to the start of the training where the course/training is to be delivered by an internal trainer or a freelance trainer or a foreign trainer or a Registered Training Institution (RTI).

Also note that where a course/training is dispensed by an RTI solely and exclusively to one employer, the latter may claim the fee charged by the RTI under item “Resource Person Fee” or submit detailed cost structure of the course/training if additional costs will be incurred in the delivery of the training.

To avoid any last minute hassle, employers may submit their G1 applications for In-House training to the HRDC by the time they have submitted their application for approval of course to the MQA. However, the attention of Employers is drawn to the fact to be eligible for refund of training cost under the Training Grant System, the course/training must be approved the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) prior to its start. The application will be subject to the conditions attached to the In-House Training Scheme

The HRDC relies on your usual collaboration to ensure that all relevant documents/information are complete and duly submitted along with the G1 Application.


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