Career Cube : Career Talks for Secondary School Students

2014-05-29 09:29
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Many students do not know which career path is right for them. Most times, they get their information from family or peers. However, to be able to understand one’s career goals and options, career information should be readily accessible to students at all stages in the schooling process. In this vein, the HRDC will hold a career talk for more than 1,000 Lower VI students from some 40 schools (both public and private schools). The career talks will also be replicated in schools for other classes of students. These talks are meant to trigger and inculcate the thinking process of students about career management.  The talk will have three components: Think Career; CV writing and Interviewing skills; Employability skills. Supplying the students with maximum information at this stage is crucial.A career cube has also been designed to disseminate information about career through an attractive and practical way and will be gifted to all students during the talks.

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