Surveys and Reports

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides comprehensive information on projects implemented by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) throughout each respective fiscal year, with a detailed financial report and corporate governance report for the same period. The report also gives an overview of performance indicators from objectives and initiatives established in the three-year strategic plan. The aim of this document is to give shareholders and the public information about HRDC’s activities and financial performance in a bid to remain open and transparent at all times.

National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP)

The National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP) is a policy framework for education, training programmes and career progression to meet the country’s skills and competence needs; it aims to promote sustained economic growth by using the available human resource effectively and by drawing on their expertise and ingenuity.

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Labour Shortage Surveys

The Labour Shortage Survey is in line with the recommendations of the National Human Resource Development Plan, which aimed to draw the accurate profile of the people, the employers are looking for. The aim of the study was to find out the current patterns of skills while assessing how these have been changing over recent years.

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Training manual on Generic Design of Training Program

A manual was developed on Generic Design of Training Program. The target groups were Training/HR Managers, Trainers and training providers who use TNAs to design new training programmes.

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Sectoral Committee Reports